Improving Clinical Chemistry and Immunology Testing at National Hospital Abuja

Improving Clinical Chemistry and Immunology Testing at National Hospital Abuja

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Improving Clinical Chemistry and Immunology National Hospital Abuja 1

Established in 1999, National Hospital Abuja was originally designed to cater for the needs of  women and children in Nigeria and the West African sub-region with a view to reduce morbidity and mortality rates, and to carry out extensive research into the peculiar causes of women and children related diseases in Africa. Its services were expanded to cater to all Nigerians in 2000.

When it came to which clinical chemistry and immunology systems to use at its medical laboratory, National Hospital Abuja looked no further than Roche Systems, supplied and maintained by ISN Products (Nig.) Ltd.

Today, National Hospital Abuja is working to expand the array and efficacy of medical tests available to its patients. The hospital is able to achieve this through its use of the Roche COBAS c 311 Clinical Chemistry analyzer and the Roche COBAS e 411 Immunoassay analyzer supplied, installed, and maintained by ISN Products (Nig.) Ltd.

With the Roche COBAS c 311 auto-analyzer, National Hospital offers some of the most comprehensive and affordable clinical chemistry tests in the country. With a test menu of over 100 assays and a throughput of 480 tests an hour, National Hospital is able to offer more robust and  efficient testing capabilities across various parameters including Drugs of Abuse, Therapeutic Drug Monitoring, Electrolytes, Specific Proteins, and more.

In addition to the c 311, National Hospital also utilizes the Roche COBAS e 411 immunoassay analyzer to cover 98% of their Serum Work Area. With the e 411 analyzer, National Hospital runs a host of immunology tests including for Thyroid Function, Fertility/ Hormones, Cardiac, Maternal Care, Tumor markers, Critical Care, Infectious Diseases, and Bone Markers. With a test throughput of 88 tests per hour, the e411 robust capabilities make it an excellent fit for National Hospitals’ needs.

Improving Clinical Chemistry and Immunology National Hospital Abuja 2

“ISN remains an instrumental partner in the continuous improvement and expansion of our laboratory services  at National Hospital Abuja.” – Dr. JAF Momoh, Chief Medical Director, National Hospital Abuja


For over 30 years, ISN has been one of the leading distributors of medical diagnostics products in Nigeria. Our business model is built around high-quality instruments from world-class manufacturers, unmatched technical services from our highly trained biomedical engineers and applications specialists, and a wide availability of supporting reagents and consumables.

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