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ISN Products Nigeria Ltd. is the leading supplier of medical diagnostic products and services in Nigeria.


ISN Products Nigeria Ltd. is the leading supplier of medical diagnostic products and services in Nigeria.

As the authorized agent and distributor for Roche Diagnostics GmbH in Nigeria, we supply more reagent parameters for clinical chemistry and immunology than any other company in Nigeria.

Our aim at ISN Products Nigeria LTD is to encourage the use of these parameters for diagnostic information in clinical chemistry laboratories throughout the country.

Our emphasis on stocking a full array of reagent kits and keeping installed instruments in perfect working conditions in order to get accurate laboratory results is what differentiates us from other instrument and reagent marketers in Nigeria.

ISN Medical staff include highly experienced clinical chemists who were trained at our partner facilities in Germany, South Africa, and China and undertake update programmes regularly. Our service engineers are assigned to specific product systems and all our service engineers are factory trained.


ISN Products Nigeria Ltd. has benefited tremendously from over thirty years association with Boehringer Mannheim, now Roche Diagnostics GmbH. In the early eighties we campaigned very strongly for the routine inclusion of Gamma Glutamic Transferase (y-GT) as a liver function parameter. That was quite controversial in the early days, but today no liver function profile for prognosis is complete without y-GT.

Over the last 3 decades, ISN has grown rapidly and established itself as a leader in the medical diagnostics distribution business with a nationwide presence and 4 offices across Nigeria. ISN has also expanded into other product and service segments, including diabetes care, pharmaceutical distribution, cold chain storage and distribution, biomedical engineering services, and nutritional products (coming soon).

We also worked on the deletion of Total Lipids from laboratory profiles, as this test was considered too unspecific to be of diagnostic importance. In its place we detailed the inclusion of Cholesterol HDL, LDL, Triglycerides for Lipids profile. It is now generally accepted that Cholesterol, as a lipid test parameter without HDL and LDL is of little importance in diagnostic medicine. Today, we are detailing C-Reactive Protein for diagnostic serum proteins. Beta-Cross-laps for Bone metabolic status. D-Dimer for Acute Myocardial and coagulation studies – and a host of other new diagnostic parameter in clinical chemistry and immunology.

Today, ISN Products Nigeria Ltd. provides an integrated offering of innovative products & services to help medical laboratories, hospitals, and other healthcare providers meet the growing challenges of Nigeria’s changing healthcare landscape. We are committed to applying our resources, knowledge and expertise to help our customers serve their patients better.


ISN’s main area of operation is the supply and maintenance of Roche Diagnostics’ instruments and reagents for clinical chemistry and immunology. Over the last few years, we have increased our product portfolio to include the distribution of Hematology Analyzers, Ultrasound machines and Patient Monitoring systems through our proud partnership with Mindray Medical International Limited.

As the authorized distributor of AccuChek meter systems and devices, ISN also provides diabetes care and disease management products to patients and healthcare professionals. Furthermore, we have expanded our cold chain storage and distribution capabilities to serve our partners in the pharmaceutical distribution industry.

ISN Products Nigeria Ltd. maintains a Biomedical Engineering unit for the installation, maintenance and service of our instrument systems. We carry out meticulous maintenance services on all our systems and customers using our instrument systems can attest to this. We pride ourselves that all instrument systems under maintenance contract with ISN Products Nigeria Ltd. have a life span of at least 10 years. ISN Products Nigeria Ltd has installed and maintained more clinical chemistry auto-analysers than any other company in Nigeria.



Our mission is to give healthcare practitioners and patients peace of mind through innovative medical diagnostic solutions.


Our vision is to become the best-in-class healthcare-focused company in West Africa.

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About Us

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