Advancing Equity in Oncology Through Innovative Medical Solutions

Advancing Equity in Oncology Through Innovative Medical Solutions

There are huge gaps in cancer outcomes between people of different socio-economic classes. “People who are socially disadvantaged often have higher cancer-related mortality and are diagnosed with advanced cancers more often than other people.” []

In this year’s conference, the Association of Radiation and Clinical Oncologists of Nigeria ARCON Nigeria, recognises the need to improve access to cancer diagnosis and treatment in our country. Speaking on the need to advance equity in oncology in Nigeria, our representative, David Ucheagwu, proposes solutions to rapid and accurate cancer diagnosis including Leica Biosystems and Illumina sequencers.

These solutions excel both in oncological research and clinical applications. These equipment do not only provide reliable results during a biopsy, but also radically improve the turnaround time especially for critical moments when a few minutes can make a lot of difference.

genomics-enabled medicine can improve outcomes for cancer patients

Illumina is driving the use of genomic sequencers to detect how genetic changes cause disease and to improve health outcomes using precision medicine.

Leica Biosystems enable diagnosis within 24 hours of biopsy

Leica provides clinical solutions in the rapid diagnosis of cancer. The system advances the adoption of digital pathology and integration of artificial intelligence in cancer diagnosis.

Our ROCHE solutions also help to measure cancer biomarkers enabling you to make a more accurate prognosis for the treatment of diseases.

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