Medical Diagnostic Equipment, Types, and Uses

Medical diagnostic equipment is used to detect and diagnose medical conditions. The most common type of medical diagnostic equipment is a stethoscope, which is used to listen to internal body sounds. Other examples include blood pressure monitors, pulse oximeters, electrocardiographs (ECGs), electroencephalography (EEGs), ultrasonography (US), and X-ray machines. Diagnostic equipment is a form of medical […]

Phoenix M50 and Antimicrobial Resistance


Phoenix M50 – The Burden of Antimicrobial Resistance The discovery of antibiotics changed medicine for good. Antibiotics are essential in treating a wide range of bacterial infections, such as sepsis, meningitis, and pneumonia. They also play a vital role in preventing infection during surgery and life-threatening opportunistic infections in patients under immunosuppressants or those receiving […]


Super woman

SUPERWOMAN SYNDROME PART II This is a continuation of our Superwoman syndrome series. Read Part I Women are simply amazing! The length at which they go to keep their families together while simultaneously spearheading successful business ventures is largely commendable. However, this leaves them prone to the superwoman syndrome. According to Dr. Tasneem Bhatia’s book […]

Interview with Mr. Amarachi Nwakanma, CEO of God’s Grace Diagnostics, Umuahia


An Interview with Mr Amarachi Nwakanma, CEO of God’s Grace Diagnostics Limited, Umuahia 1. Tell us about yourself and the laboratory (highlighting what you do and your address): I am Mr. Amarachi Nwakanma, a certified medical laboratory scientist with a post-graduate diploma and master’s degree in chemical pathology. I am also the Chief Executive Officer […]

IMLSOTY Winning Lab Receives ₦1M in Medical Reagents from ISN


IMLSOTY WINNING LABORATORY RECEIVES 1 MILLION NAIRA WORTH OF MEDICAL REAGENTS AND CONSUMABLES FROM ISN In fulfillment of our commitment to rewarding the institution that produces the overall winner of the ISN Medical Laboratory Scientist of the Year Award (IMLSOTY), ISN recently handed over medical laboratory reagents and consumables worth 1 Million Naira to the […]

Interview with Mr. Noel Onukogu, Ag. Head of Lab Services at Avon Dialysis

Avon Dialysis Centre

Interview with Mr. Noel Onukogu, Ag. Head, Laboratory Services, Avon Dialysis Centre Q: When was Avon Dialysis Centre established, and for what cause? Re: Avon Dialysis Centre was established in August of 2018 to provide qualitative care to patients with renal issues. It was born to address the growing needs in renal care. Back then, patients […]

The Human Genome ISN and Illumina Partnership

The human genome

The Human Genome ISN and Illumina Partnership All of life is controlled by DNA, a simple code of four molecules that act as a blueprint to define our entire body’s components.   Reading this code is one of the most astonishing achievements that the human race has ever accomplished. DNA sequencing helps us understand how […]



NATHAN AND HIS KIDNEYS All through his adult life, Nathan had always worried about developing a chronic kidney ailment. This is because he had had family members who suffered from one kidney condition or the other. Nathan was well aware of the risk factors that could lead to kidney diseases. He had been told repeatedly […]