ISN Medical’s Preventive Maintenance Programme


About The ISN Medical Preventive Maintenance Programme

We offer a preventive maintenance package on each supported analyser, ensuring continuous optimal analyser performance and improved business efficiency.

Benefits of participating in our maintenance Programme include:

  • Ensures optimal working conditions despite instrument wear and tear
  • Ensures safe operating conditions for equipment
  • Reduction in downtime of the instrument
  • Generation of accurate and precise laboratory test results
  • Prompt turnaround time of results
  • Prolonged equipment lifespan

This leads to a highly satisfied customer base and an increase in overall business performance.

ISN Medical’s standard annual preventive maintenance contract covers 2 service visits and 2 emergency visits, with various flexible plans and payment packages available for your facility.

To learn more, please reach out to your dedicated ISN Account Manager or click here to contact our Customer Service team.

Remember, preventative maintenance procedures take less time than the time taken for damage resolution!