AFS Water Purification Systems
October 7, 2022
MagNA Pure 24
October 7, 2022

AFS Large Water Purification Systems


AFS Large Water Purification Systems

AFS® E Analyzer Feed Systems provide an economical and reliable high-performance water purification solution for daily water needs of up to 3000L. They integrate the state-of-the-art Elix® electrodeionization (EDI) module, as well as 24/7 real-time monitoring and remote control. Water produced by the AFS® E systems complies with the Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute® (CLSI) guideline for clinical laboratory reagent water (CLRW).

The systems’ patented Elix® EDI technology, which uses ion exchange resins that are permanently self-regenerated, is combined with other complementary water purification techniques to ensure constant water quality with low and predictable running costs. Unique E.R.A.™ technology automatically optimizes water recovery based on feed water quality to decrease water usage costs.

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