NextSeq 1000 & 2000 System

NextSeq 1000 & 2000 is redesigned from the ground up to maximize future proofing, offering sequencing power for high throughput applications. Offering scalability for evolving needs and larger studies, it supports a vast variety of applications, including Single-Cell Gene Expression, Whole-Exome Sequencing, Shotgun Metagenomics.

Some of the broader applications available on the NextSeq 1000 and NextSeq 2000 Systems
ApplicationNextSeq 1000 & 2000 P2 ReagentsNextSeq 2000 P3 Reagents
No. samplesTimeNo. samplesTime
Small whole-genome sequencing                              (300 cycles)

130 Mb genome; > 30× coverage

30~29 hours82~48 hours
Whole-exome sequencing                              (200 cycles)

50× mean targeted

coverage;                              90%

targeted coverage at 20×

16~21 hours44~33 hours
Single-cell RNA-Seq (100 cycles)

4K cells, 50K reads/cell

2~13 hours5~19 hours
miRNA-Seq or small RNA analysis (50 cycles) 11M reads/sample96~11 hours
Push-button DRAGEN informatics pipelines integrated into the NextSeq 1000 and NextSeq 2000 systems
PipelineApplicationsKey functionality
DRAGEN EnrichmentWhole-exome sequencing Targeted resequencingAlignment

Small variant calling Somatic variant calling SV/CNV callingb Custom manifest files

DRAGEN RNAWhole-transcriptome gene expression Gene fusion detectionAlignment Fusion detection Gene expression
DRAGEN Single-cell RNASingle-cell           whole-transcriptome sequencingCell barcodes and error correction Alignment

Gene expression Cell filtering

Basic reporting and visualization

DRAGEN CompressionCompression of FASTQ filesLossless compression
DRAGEN GermlineWhole-genome sequencingAlignment

Small variant calling SV/CNV calling

NextSeq 1000 and NextSeq 2000 specifications

Instrument configuration

Self-contained, dry instrument with integrated DRAGEN Bio-IT FPGA secondary analysis

Instrument control computer

Base Unit: 2U Microserver located inside the instrument Memory: 288 GB

Hard Drive: 3.8 TB SSD

Operating System: Linux CentOS 7.6

Operating environment Temperature: 15°C-30°C

Humidity: 20%-80% relative humidity, non-condensing Altitude: 0 meters-2000 meters

For Indoor Use Only


Wavelengths: 449 nm, 523 nm, 820nm Safety: Class 1 Laser Product


W × D × H: 60 cm × 65 cm × 60 cm Weight: 141 kg

Crated Dimensions

Crated W × D × H: 92 cm × 120 cm × 118 cm Crated Weight: 232 kg

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