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5-part Diff
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BC-5380 Auto Hematology Analyzer can provide rapid and reliable tests from just 20uL of blood. In order to save time and..

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Today, laboratories not only need more reliable routine CBC plus 5-part diff WBC testing by way of high processing spee..

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Based on Mindray’s continuous innovation in hematology field, BC-5150 is especially tailored to assist diagnostic lab..

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Smarter workstation, simpler workflow: Fully automatic flow line system Flexibly consist of up to 4 units of BC-6800..

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BC-5000 is specially tailored to assist diagnostic labs who need full CBC + 5-part results, with relatively low daily s..

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The new BC-5300 Auto Hematology Analyzer is a bench-top system, combining state-of-the-art technologies to provide reli..

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