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Women are simply amazing! The length at which they go to keep their families together while simultaneously spearheading successful business ventures is largely commendable. However, this leaves them prone to the superwoman syndrome.

According to Dr. Tasneem Bhatia’s book ‘SuperwomanRX’, superwomen all over the world are subdivided into 5 categories depending on some traits and patterns that they express. The categories include; The savvy chick, boss lady, earth mama, nightingale and gypsy girl. Dr. Bhatia considers these groups as the 5 primary power types that women exude. She defined the attributes of these women, their weaknesses, and some ailments that they are susceptible to.

The Boss Lady

The Boss lady is energetic and always at the top of her game. Also known as “the commander,” she is seen as a powerhouse, doing all it takes to get the job done and on time. Boss ladies possess a powerful drive, are competitive, and are never scared to take on challenges. They are known for their intelligence and charisma. Boss ladies are athletic and naturally born leaders. They possess the agility and a unique ability to command respect.

Weaknesses for this category include anger and stress. They are short-tempered and impatient, especially when things are out of place or do not work according to plan. Furthermore, irrespective of the fact that this class of women are highly sociable, they can be extremely loquacious, become restless and as a result, experience insomnia.

They are workaholics and most likely consume coffee to help ameliorate tiredness and increase energy levels. Excess coffee intake predisposes them to heartburn, acid reflux, and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). When in balance, they have great complexions with an admirable facial glow, and when off-balance, they suffer from skin inflammation or rashes.

Super woman

The Savvy Chick

Savvy chicks are quite delicate in their approach to tasks and are also known as “the visionaries.” When in balance and good health, the smart chicks can harness the attributes of the gypsy girls and boss ladies. They are creative, passionate, and thorough perfectionists with impressive work ethics. They are business savvy and always make for outstanding but disciplined bosses.

The savvy chick’s weakness lies in her propensity to be constantly pulled in opposite directions by her emotions. The artist in her wants to commit to her visions and subtly let her creative juices flow while the commander in her desires productivity and prompt results. Her boss-lady attributes leave her prone to Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), acid reflux, and skin inflammation.

These superwomen combine creativity with strict schedules while expecting results from themselves at all times. This can lead to exhaustion, blow-ups, anxiety, and migraines due to overthinking. Their body type ranges from medium to overweight, making them susceptible to poor blood circulation, cold hands, and feet. Their skins are often rough, too dry, too oily, or made up of sizeable pores. 

The Earth Mama

If you are an earth mama, you are most likely a really empathetic and caring boss. Earth mamas are known as “Nurturers and Peacemakers,” and when properly managed, they exude strength and vigor. They nurture everything in their care with compassion and dedication, bringing people together, making good business negotiations, and getting deals done.

Domestically, they are seen as the pillars of their homes, for they serve as the glue that keeps everything in place. Earth mamas hierarchize the needs of others over their own, ensuring that they are met. However, they are vulnerable to worry and to meddle, with little or no time to care for themselves. This can lead to sadness, weight gain, diabetes, cardiovascular disorders, and even stroke. Furthermore, they can be overcommitted and are generally people-pleasers. Hence, they are quickly taken advantage of as they fulfill this caretaker role.

The Nightingale

Nightingales are also known as ‘Saints’ for they are most likely to save the day. They possess a perfect blend of the Earth Mama’s nurturing and caring persona and the Gypsy girl’s passion, ambition, and creativity.  This blend of personalities can easily overwhelm them, giving rise to anxiety, sadness, solitude, and fear.

They’re self-sacrificing and interested in making the world a better place. They’re also opinionated with body types ranging from small to medium builds. Hence, they are prone to frequent changes in body weight. They’re also susceptible to hormonal imbalance and weak immunity due to stress.

The Gypsy Girl

Lastly, the Gypsy girl is defined by her distinctive and often eccentric imagination. She is known as the “Artist.”

Gypsy girls express their abilities in powerful bursts of creative energy.  They are fearless, passionate, and highly productive. They are prolific in art, music, writing, and literature. The gypsy girl’s ability to see things from a totally unique yet compelling horizon can be intriguing.

She is creative and tends to push herself to the limit. This leaves her exhausted and prone to anxiety, fear, irregular menstrual cycles, insomnia, and lack of structure.

Next month in this series, we will examine the types of fatigue and stress to which these superwomen are exposed, how they affect these women, and how they can be handled.

To be continued…

Written by

Asuquo Michael Oscar

Graduate Trainee (Diabetes Care)

ISN products Nig. Ltd.