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March 31, 2021



Are you a woman who works tirelessly to earn a living? A manager, CEO, COO, MD who works round the clock to build an empire and still goes home to tend to her domestic responsibilities? This article celebrates you, seeks to give you pointers on how to handle the stress that comes with what you do and helps you understand how stress can be detrimental to your health.

Women are superheroes and suffice to say that the world would have been incomplete without them. Over time, women have soared to great heights to discover new opportunities and skills and command power and influence, while remaining the Chief Operating Officers of their homes.  The woman is often cumbered with the arduous task of grooming a thriving career or business while maintaining a flourishing household. Her ability to gracefully handle these multiple roles have earned her names like Boss Lady and superwoman.


        Image: Superwoman (Ref: The Sisterhood Series)

However, in taking care of her career, business and family, the superwoman often forgets to look after herself as she loses sleep, exercise, and the simple pleasures of life. Hence, she accumulates fatigue and stress, leading to a breakdown called the Superwoman Syndrome.



Being tagged a ‘superwoman’ is often seen as a privilege as it defines a woman with an ability to consistently perform a diverse array of full-time responsibilities. Combining their personal, domestic and professional roles often takes a toll on them after a while as stress and fatigue accumulate, leading to superwoman syndrome which if not properly managed, causes a breakdown.

Renowned physician and brain behind CentreSpringMD, Dr Tasneem Bhatia in her book ‘SuperwomanRX’, stressed that although women are patterned to multitask and achieve all that they set out to, there is also a pressing need to understand thoroughly, the health hazards involved. Such hazards include fatigue (exhaustion), bad choices, depletion in hormone levels, unhealthy eating habits, sleep deprivation and possibly a sedentary lifestyle. She stressed that Superwomen are to work with a schedule at all times to help them lead balanced and healthy lives and avoid breaking down.

The book pinpoints 5 categories of superwomen: the savvy chick, the boss lady, earth mama, nightingale and the gypsy.

Even though all 5 groups suffer from fatigue and stress, certain strengths, weaknesses and ailments are specific to each group.

In the following episodes, we will uncover the various types of superwomen, their unique characteristics and valuable health information to help them thrive. Stay with us to discover more about the superwoman in you!

To be continued…….

  • Michael Asuquo,

Graduate Trainee, ISN Products (Nig.) Ltd.



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