The Human Genome ISN and Illumina Partnership

The human genome

The Human Genome ISN and Illumina Partnership

All of life is controlled by DNA, a simple code of four molecules that act as a blueprint to define our entire body’s components.


Reading this code is one of the most astonishing achievements that the human race has ever accomplished. DNA sequencing helps us understand how we are made, how we relate to one another, the similarities and differences between ourselves and other organisms, how errors in our DNA may cause diseases and how we may respond best to medicines and therapies. DNA exploration holds a promise of completely revolutionizing healthcare; and has already begun to do so.


Illumina is a company that aspires to transform human health through DNA exploration on an entirely new scale. Illumina solutions create a map of gene variations associated with health, disease, and drug response. This is achieved through a range of technologies that speed up and reduce the cost of DNA sequencing compared to the initially used methods. Each breakthrough has opened new doors and shown us how much further there is to go. 


At ISN Medical, we travel these roads with Illumina, with one goal in sight: unlocking the true power of the genome.