In the Line of Duty: Safety Tips for Medical Lab Scientists Amidst COVID-19 Testing
May 27, 2020
COVID-19 Post Lockdown Safety
May 27, 2020

We Are Winning COVID-19

There has been so much negativity in the air because of the recent COVID-19 pandemic that hit Nigeria. A lot of panic stories have been going around due to the state of the medical condition in Nigeria and we are aware that the lockdown is not making it easier.

However, it hasn’t been all gloom.

Oyo state has been able to establish a drive-through test centre open to the general public. Also, Lagos state has been able to establish isolation centres in the Teslim Balogun Stadium and the Onikan Stadium in Lagos Island.

According to the Lagos State Ministry of Health (LSMOH), Lagos has also recorded impressive stable patient recovery statistics, which is about 30% in comparison to a fatality rate of 3.5%. Did you also know that despite the number of cases recorded, only 1% of the patients currently infected with the virus are intubated?

If you were feeling sad and anxious, we hope this email has brought rays of light to your day. Hope is not lost and each positive news is a reassurance that it will all get better soon. In case you are feeling overwhelmed, take a breather and do something that makes you happy. Remember to spread positivity as we stand together against this virus.

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